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Five facts on Safety: MMA in San Diego

By Victory Gym MMA San Diego on Mar 12, 2013 at 12:19 PM in Featured News

1. MMA in San Diego has very few serious injuries

     Despite popular safety misconceptions, MMA is one of the safest contact sports and reports show thatthere are far fewer injuries than in other contact sports played in San Diego such as ice hockey, boxingand American football. The main reasons for these safety factors in MMA in San Diego are as follows:
•All athletes in professional MMA are examined by doctors before, during and after any          competitions.Thus they are not allowed to compete if they fail this pre-bout medical check. In addition, if an athlete isinjured during a San Diego MMA competition, the athlete will be given medical suspensions prohibitingthem from contact in MMA training in San Diego until being cleared by a doctor.
•An MMA athlete on the professional level has approximately 12-14 training sessions per week but only1-3 bouts per year. Hence every San Diego MMA fighter will have long periods of rest and training inbetween each bout. Compare this with for example ice hockey where most teams have one or moregames per week spanning over more than half of the year.
•The most important reason however is that an elite MMA in San Diego athlete is trained to bedefensive and knows how to protect himself. Compare this to being unfairly tackled and blindsided inthe NFL.

2. MMA has strict safety rules

     Again another popular misconception regarding MMA is that anything goes which probably originatesfrom the early days of MMA as well as the other more unregulated San Diego sports in the world ofmartial arts. There are many rules which regulate the sport some of which are listed below:
•No small-joint manipulations
•No hitting the back of the head
•No hitting the groin
•No hair pulling, head butting or inserting a finger or fingers in the mouth and pulling,
•A competitor my admit defeat and stop the match by “tapping” on the opponent’s body or mat or bymaking a verbal announcement

3. MMA in San Diego isn't only for elite athletes

     As MMA in San Diego progressed, so has the type of athletes who take part in the sport. Originally thoseathletes competing in San Diego MMA competitions came from other disciplines of San Diego martialarts and used the techniques they were comfortable with when meeting a contender who might comefrom a different discipline. But as MMA grew the athletes became more complete. The athletes seen ontelevision are only a small fraction percentage of all the people that practice MMA around the world.

4. Athletes are evenly matched in MMA

     Particularly in professional MMA competitions in San Diego the athletes are evenly matched and aresorted by different weight categories to ensure that there is no mismatch in skill or weight of theathletes.

5. MMA has an established foundation

     Although thought of as a new sport, MMA in San Diego has quickly become established and is built uponthe techniques carried out in similar sports that have been around for decades. These include suchestablished Olympic sports as boxing, Greco-roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, judo and taekwondo.

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