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Five Great Tips for Preparing for Your First Martial Arts Tournament in San Diego

By Victory Gym MMA San Diego on Mar 12, 2013 at 12:24 PM in Featured News

Five Great Tips for Preparing for Your First Martial Arts Tournament in San Diego

Most first time competitors in a San Diego martial arts competition will feel a great deal of anxietybefore competing. It is usually the case that the San Diego competitors often have a big fear of peoplewatching them. So what you need to do if it is your first time in a San Diego martial arts competition isto take a deep breath and don not let your anxiety get the better of you. After that, it is just a matter ofmaking sure you are properly prepared. Below are five top tips for preparing for your first martial artscompetition in San Diego:

1. Communicate With Your San Diego Martial Arts Instructor

     Have an honest discussion with your San Diego Martial Arts instructor and get him to objectively outlinewhat he/she thinks are your strengths and weaknesses. Do not feel insulted by any flaws he/she pointsbut instead realize that it is better that the instructor points out your weak points so that you have timeto work on them before the Martial Arts in San Diego competition. Also, ask your instructor how muchhe/she knows about the competition and if there are special forms or techniques the judges will belooking for.

2. Plan Ahead & Practice for your San Diego Martial Arts Competition

     Train well in advance of the start of the San Diego martial arts competition, do not leave your trainingand practice to the last minute. Schedule time you can use to practice as often as possible. The moreyou practice, the more confident you will feel when the big day finally comes. There is no such thing astoo much Martial Arts practice in San Diego.

3. Make Sure That You Get Plenty of Rest Just Prior To The Start Of The San Diego Martial Arts Competition

     If you turn up for the San Diego martial arts competition dog tired then clearly you will not be able toperform or focus on what you need to do. Therefore ensure that you get a full night’s sleep the nightbefore the San Diego martial arts competition so that you can do your best.

4. Arrive Early At The San Diego Martial Arts Competition

     Ensure you get to the competition early so that you have time to sign in or register if you haven’talready. Also you can use this extra time to warm up properly. You will also be a lot better off if you arenot rushing around to get ready, so, give yourself plenty of time before the San Diego Martial Artscompetition starts.

5. Make Sure That You Eat Right

     Ensure that while training for the San Diego martial arts competition, especially in the month or sobefore the competition that you are eating healthy foods that give you energy. Strengthen up yourmetabolism so that you can get the most out of your practice sessions and you are in prime shape on the day of the competition. Also on the morning of the competition ensure that you eat a good, healthybreakfast so that you have plenty of energy to compete. Bring plenty of bottled water or sports drinks tokeep yourself hydrated whilst you are competing in Martial Arts in San Diego.
One of the most important things is to have fun at the competition. Don’t beat yourself up over everylittle error but instead learn from those errors for the next competition. Your first martial artstournament in San Diego is likely to be something you’ll remember the rest of your life, so make it thebest experience possible.

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