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Five Benefits of Martial Arts in San Diego

By Victory Gym MMA San Diego on Mar 12, 2013 at 12:32 PM in Featured News
     There is a good chance that you know someone who has taken part in martial arts in San Diego, but it isproperly equally true that you are unaware of martial arts many exercise benefits. So if you want toimprove your health and weight or simply wish to improve your mood, martial arts may be just what youare looking for. Below are five benefits of martial arts training in San Diego:

1. Losing Weight in San Diego

     If you wish to shed some unwanted pounds then martial arts in San Diego is a great way to do it. For theaverage person to lose one pound of fat you will need to burn approximately 3,500 calories. So in orderto lose one pound of fat in a week, you must eliminate 500 calories from your diet each day. Byparticipating in one hour of moderate intensity martial arts in a San Diego fitness gym, you will definitelyburn 500 calories. This will put you on the road to shedding any excess weight that you have.

2. Improve your Cardiovascular Health

     Probably the most important benefit with martial arts in San Diego is an improvement in yourcardiovascular health. Your cardiovascular system is composed of your heart, as well as the veins andarteries that transport blood. A weak cardiovascular system can result in shortness of breath, weakness,fatigue, and in severe cases can even cause a heart attack. Research has found that the only real way toimprove the status of the cardiovascular system is by participating in activities that stress the heart.Cardiovascular exercise consists of walking, biking, swimming and of course participating in martial arts.For best results, try to get in at least 30 minutes most days a week.

3. Martial Arts in San Diego Can Improve Your Mood

     Research shows us that by participating in regular exercise we will improve our overall mood for thebetter. Martial arts in a San Diego gym is a fantastic way to do this and thus will relieve stress andfrustration, as well as making us happier. You won't only feel the effects during the activity, either. Theendorphins released by physical activity appear to be active in your body for as many as four hours afterexercise.

4. Improve Your Reflexes

     By participating in martial arts, you not only improve your reflexes while participating in martial arts butwill also experience faster reaction times during all activities of your life. This is very important in anumber of daily activities, such as driving and even cooking.

5. Increase Your Muscle Tone

     Martial arts in a San Diego gym is a fantastic way to improve the muscle tone and mass in your body. Byincreasing your muscle mass you will not only improve the tone of your body but you will also increaseyour metabolic demands. Thus, you will burn more calories each day which as stated before will mean that it will be easier for you to lose weight. High levels of muscle mass also lead to increased agility,thereby preventing falls as you age.

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